Saturday, December 8, 2007

Wandering around Queenstown

Today was an awesome day. I worked late last night and the night before, so I slept in this morning and took it easy for a while. I went for a really chill run down into town and out to Sunshine Bay a few miles toward Glenorchy. Got back home, kicked it for a while, then rode my bike to the pool and caught the end of lap swim.

Stopped at the grocery store on the way home and put about 30 pounds (sorry, 14kg) of groceries on my back and navigated the steep hill with gravity doing its worst work against me.
I made a nice dinner, and when I finished eating, it was 8pm, going to be light for 2 more hours, and I didn't have anything planned and was not going out tonight.

After having the little Sony camera tucked into my pocket on these bike rides, I was hankering to get the D80 out, so I hung it around my neck and headed downtown to catch the evening light.

So here's a tour around Queenstown:

(a quick stop in the Queenstown Gardens)

(nice shot of the harbor; never many boats here or out on the lake)

(a look down the beach)

(cafe on the beach)

(1500+NZD a night and on the waterfront)

(along the wharf)

(also along the wharf)

(looking up at the gondola)

(a late-night institution; their burgers would shame many joints in the US)

(the main drag - Shotover Street)

(Mall Street; no cars here)

(Winnie's on Mall Street; tasty pizza)

(only the American tourists go here!)

(the Town Green; the Pig & Whistle in the background)

(cool little organic food store)

(apparently not its original location; somebody would have had to be here a LONG time ago to know where it used to be :))

(a bustling Saturday evening at Monty's)

(back home at Pounamu)

An awfully relaxing evening...11:30 now and no longer any light to the west; time for bed!

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