Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Kiwi bath

Sunday was a fun day at Monty's. It was our Last of the Summer Ale Party, and it was absolute mayhem from noon until midnight. And by absolute I mean glorious.

The place was packed to the gills, we had free BBQ and awesome live music courtesy of Mutz Nutz first outdoors and then indoors for 6 straight hours, and everybody had a great time.

I worked without a break until we closed (hungry!), so Fockler, Andy, and I got Fergburger and called it a night.

I awoke Monday feeling a bit like I needed a cleansing of sorts. Fortunately, I had planned ahead for this scenario and hopped on my bike towards the Kawarau Bridge...

I've got a couple mates out there; Ethel had also called ahead and set a couple things up (thanks E!). And so the royal treatment began.

Chris and Adam asked if I wanted to touch the water; I told 'em I didn't want a dry spot on my body. They hauled out a couple extra meters of cord, made jokes about both Finding Nemo and The Hunt for Red October, and ran me through the proper trajectory to ensure a good dip. Jump too far out here and you use up the bungy cord before you touch the water...

I was counting on a warm day; unfortunately, the cloud cover hadn't burned off yet and it was quite chilly.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
I'm officially freezing my balls off

No countdown here; the attitude at the Bridge is "go when you're ready." From 43m up, the water looked like it was warmer than the air, so I didn't need much motivation.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And as promised, they put me in all the way to my toes.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Inspecting the riverbed

And, of course, the video:

Yes, it's kinda weird to be fished into a river; it's like swift water rescue for the gravity-impaired.

So again, a huge thanks to E for the hookup and to Katie, Wayne, Chris, and Adam for a textbook jump. And for putting up with my choice of wardrobe. :)

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