Monday, November 22, 2010


I managed, quite accidentally, to photograph two cats in the same day. One of these beasts leads a far more privileged life than the other, although who knows what Sam's life was like before we got him.

Feral Siamese

I found the feral guy out along the river while I was looking for a great blue heron I saw fishing the day before (without my camera, of course). I made the return trip, and while the heron was nowhere to be found, this dude was absorbing some cold autumn sun.

Decidedly un-feral Sam

Since pet photos are stigmatized in the blogosphere, we'll return to our regularly scheduled programming now with some more looks at a different beast.

As promised, here's a virtual look or two at the cryptic steel I shared last week (although the beast has evolved a lot since I made these renderings a couple months ago).

Form revealed

Topo map-ish

Go ahead and imagine that animal constructed beyond lifesize. Like, 11 feet tall.

I'll continue to share more about this project as it unfolds. For now, I'll leave you with another coy peep at the real thing.



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