Monday, May 2, 2011


Saturday did not go as planned.

I had grand aspirations to go ride a white whale of a line in the Mt. Rose backcountry, Sullivan Chute, and to architect a self portrait of me riding the line.

As I was setting up the shot high atop an adjacent crag, it all started to unravel when I discovered a HUGE flaw in the Canon intervalometer I'd purchased. This flaw is that it simply doesn't operate when I leave it at home.

Furthermore, the snow coverage in the prize line was unfavorable, as usual. It was close to going but I had a couple concerns about the technical and narrow crux. I did scope it from both top and bottom, and I came pretty close to pulling the trigger, but it was simply not the day.

Mitigating the first mistake by making friends with another group up there, I talked them into sticking around while I hiked to, scoped, and rode the zone in question, relying on them for their top-notch shutter-mashing skills with my camera set up on the tripod.

The only solution for the second problem was to ride a nearby and far less interesting line. As such, I've made a composite of some of the frames the semi-anonymous Craig (thanks dude!) fired off while I rode. You can see me scoping the elusive Sullivan Chute in the top left corner of the frame. Next year, I suppose...

Consolation Rock


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