Thursday, April 12, 2012

Front and Center

Last week, I had the honor of accompanying Sir Korgan hisself to one of his public speaking engagements, an affair featuring a rapt audience of about 350 attendees of a corporate leadership summit.

Full attention

While he's never really had a problem engaging a crowd, I've always borne witness to it in social situations, not professional ones.  While the size of the audience was new to me, Grant took it in stride as he's so well-equipped to do.  The storytelling dial got cranked to 11, A/V featured Keoki Flagg's unreal photos from Antarctica, and there was nary a dry eye in the place.

Full house

Striking silently, I may have maybe come close to perhaps knocking down the American flag at one point, but good luck proving it :).

Full engagement

Better yet, yesterday was a big day for Grant.  I'll let this video speak for itself.  I'd also like to help spread the word about the new Korg 3.0 website, fully functional and full of fun stuff (including the store...).

Onwards and upwards!


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