Saturday, April 28, 2012


Our recent trip to Napa was wildly enhanced by our stay at the 3C Ranch, a humble little abode high above the hustle and bustle of the Greater St. Helena Metropolis.

Undeterred by the 3-mile-long driveway and the certainty of death if we met another car on the narrow and winding strip of asphalt, we settled right in to the slower pace of life afforded by the lush hills.  Must be something to do with all those trees taking the C out of CO2.

The grounds on the 3C Ranch also feature enough grape vines to make a few dozen cases of wine each year.  As the growing season hadn't quite started, the buds had not yet broken and the vines seemed kind of boring, but there are always photos to be made.

Like some sort of cemetery


Lush hills

Little orange thing

Resident turkeys

Shimmering wires

We've certainly got Casey to thank for his hospitality; sometimes a spot that feels like a home makes all the difference in how the weekend unfolds!


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