Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Murphy and I hunkered down in the wind last weekend to hike one of the Tahoe Basin's more scenic peaks, Mount Tallac.  It's not the highest mountain around Tahoe, but it's closer to the lake than the other big ones, so its view of the lake is exceptional.  We made good time, hiding from the wind as best we could as we ascended from about 6400' to 9735'.

Suck it, Instagram

Once on top, we were met by the official welcoming committee in the form of several dozen chipmunks and woodchucks.  They do well up there on crumbs and handouts.

High five!

Instead of the obligatory summit shot, I decided to do a little more work for my seven faithful readers and put together a panorama of sorts.  It's a view that encompasses nearly the entire lake, as well as Fallen Leaf Lake, Angora Lake, Emerald Bay, Heavenly, Mt. Rose, Kirkwood, Sierra-at-Tahoe, and a good chunk of Desolation Wilderness including Lake Aloha.

Pano from top of Tallac (click for hi-res) [geeks- 16 stitched verticals at 90mm]

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to be on top of Tallac on the right winter day, which afforded me the opportunity to ski the prominent Cross.  It's worth pointing out that I'm terrified to look into that (fairly rowdy) line in the summertime without my board strapped to my feet; what a difference the right equipment makes...

We capped off our day with a choppy swim in Tahoe, but a choppy swim is eminently better than no swim!

Hilariously, I can ride my bike all day and be totally fine, but a recreational 5-hour hike leaves me hobbled and sore for the next couple days; I'm a total mess.  About that bike thing...I've got more to write about that, so stay tuned.  Let's just say that the pano shows a lot of sickeningly familiar territory...  :)



Monkey said...

That Panoramic shot is awesome to say the least, I like the first picture as well. It looks a bit surreal, Very cool, Thank you...

Eliot said...

Thanks Aitor :)
Surreal was the idea with the first one!

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