Monday, September 10, 2012

Chateauroux les Alpes

We holed up for 10 days in the little hamlet of Chatearoux les Alpes, a (very) small town in the greater Embrun area, home of the race I was supposed to do.  One of my favorite parts of the entire trip was just getting to settle in to life in this tiny town (our biggest daily commitment was wandering to the bakery).  We had an awesome house that we rented, and that allowed us to relax or explore as desired.

Here are some photos from in and around Chateauroux les Alpes.

Bonus points for anyone who figures out all the icons

Wheat and flowers

Bales pre-dawn

Thankfully, every town in France has a few of these

Down the gullet of the fountain


Exceptionally well-kept and exceptionally old home


Grass, closer


Stormy Alps southeast

Looking into the valley that cradles the La Durance river at sunrise

The valley towards Embrun (click for larger) [and no, the horizon isn't crooked.  Mountains get shorter!]

Next up will be a few from Chateauroux at night!


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