Monday, September 17, 2012

Things With Wings

I quickly got into the habit of slinging my camera over my shoulder as we went about our business in Chateauroux.  The daily ritual of walking alllllll the way to and from the bakery was as good an excuse as any to find interesting things to photograph.

Here are some various insects.  I am unable to identify most of them with any certainty (or beyond, "Hey, that's a big moth!") , but I'd love to know what they are.  So if you happen to know...please speak up.

Feasting fly

Hummingbird-sized moth (really)

Butterfly detail

Butterfly + grasshoppa

Garden dweller

On the table for inspection

All too often (and I'm as guilty as any; just ask Ethel), we get caught up in taking as much gear as possible with us to prepare for any conceivable situation.  To buck that habit, I frequently make a point of going somewhere with only the one lens that's attached to the camera (and I don't have any zooms) and to look for things that work with that lens.  Take a whole bag of goodies, and by the time you've spotted something neat, changed gear around, changed gear again, and gotten ready to shoot, it's long gone.  So on a lot of my walks, I'd just take the macro and derive joy from the little things that we pass by blissfully unaware of every single day.

I suppose that habit applies beyond's so easy to get caught up in applying consumerism to rabid preparedness that we forget how little we really need to get by.  Holy shit; that got really heavy really fast.  So a priest walks into a bar with his dog...

Up next is some scenery from our greater area.  I'm whittling away at these as fast as I can!


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