Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sunny Tenaya

After a night with all 7 of us crammed into the cabin (wasn't really a cram), we were ready to spend some more time in Yosemite's great outdoors. Under normal circumstances, one of us may have concocted some epic mission of exhaustion to go on, but nobody was really feeling like doing anything too strenuous.

To the beach at Tenaya!

Girls and paddleboards

Of course, our lazy day is still filled with paddleboarding, swimming, and rockclimbing (for the able-bodied), but we're not running from sunup to sundown or anything like that. Lazy day, indeed.

Totally didn't pay to enter the Park

Riley and Erin and Matt veered off to do some more climbing on Polly Dome, so the rest of us held down the fort at the beach. The higher they climbed, the more prominent became the thunderheads to the east, but it was still a banner summer day at the lake.

Zo-Zo has her own boat

TJaye takes it all in

I managed to swim about two-thirds of the way across the lake (and back, thanks), sans wetsuit, and it was about as rejuvenating experience as I could have asked for. Cool water, warm sun, clear skies...good life.

Yay, swimming doesn't hurt my stupid foot

Well, the thunderheads kept building. By the time our climbers descended from the top of the route (safely), the first drops were just beginning to fall. By the time they made it back to the beach, we were reaching full Time to Clear Out mode, and by the time we shuttled all our gear back to the car, we were embroiled in a thunderstorm of biblical proportions. Like, not even funny how hard it blew, rained, hailed, and generally just punished the earth with its fury. Once I was soaked (took about six seconds), I kinda enjoyed being in it. Nowhere to hide!


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