Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Anchor Bay Part II: The Beach

The seven regular readers will recall that Murphy and I visited Anchor Bay along the CA coast, but if you're joining us midstream, well, there you go. We had a great time with the combined Theilen-Maclean-Vagabond troupe, but our stay was cut short by rapidly closing bad weather along our route home.

The unnamed beach I mentioned in the last post was not interested in providing us with good weather, so to call it a beach doesn't really connote the right feeling. Maybe instead we'll call it a sandy stretch on which to observe the ocean and to be battered by wind, waves, and occasional sprinkles.

In any case, the ocean is a fun place to make photos, provided that you're willing to pluck your tripod, with catlike reflexes, away from the occasional rogue wave. Or to be continually scraping sticky ocean sand off various surfaces of your camera.


These two photos struck me as both interesting and also representative of the feeling the weather imparted to the beach.

Standing tall

One more to go from this trip, and then you can get back to your lives. Thanks for dropping by.


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