Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Seattle, Quickly

A couple weeks ago, I found myself in Seattle for about 24 hours for a work trip, and Murphy tagged along to be somewhere different for a day and catch up with a few friends. Trips like this are exhausting but super fun; it's always a good reason to find some good food and some interesting sights, but I feel like there's never time to delve too deeply into anything.

What with a four hour meeting and some mandatory (OK, not mandatory, but wise) sleep, our exploration was largely limited to the journeys between various purveyors of food, beverage, and transportation. There are worse ways to go through life.

Yay geometry and patterns!

If I recall correctly, our wandering path was something along the lines of Sea-Tac, Light Rail, lunch (Merchant's), beer (Ivar's), dinner (Le Pichet OMG yes yes yes), and the Bainbridge Ferry. That was about all we accomplished on the first day, but traipsing from food to drink to food feels decadent and should be experienced at least once every election cycle.

Regan sees the future

The Great Wheel (made without tripod, thankyouverymuch)

There are MUCH better photos of the Great Wheel with all sorts of interesting compositions to be had, but I a) had no tripod, and b) was chasing a hungry group of compatriots, so I took the low-hanging fruit. Actually, not really. To make this photo, I reached over a fence separating the pier from the harbor, balanced the edge of my camera on a thin strip of concrete, and propped it there with a finger for the length of the exposure, a sneeze away from watching more money than I'd care to admit plunge to its salty death far below. In other news, this is now my definition of living dangerously.

Harbor Steps

I had never been out to Bainbridge before, and I must say I was super impressed with the ferry, probably because we didn't ride it at rush hour. Less than eight bucks for a round trip, very frequent, and remarkably easy. Party on.

Abstract Ferry selfie

On the second day, our accomplishments were even more sparse. After my meeting (Ethel went to the city early), it was Bainbridge Ferry, lunch (Etta's), coffee (Moore Coffee Shop), and then back to Sea-Tac.

On one hand, I despise visiting places without the time to really explore, but on the other hand, it's fun to dip into a city's plane of existence for a few hours and then get whisked away from the fray.


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