Monday, July 7, 2014

Ireland VI: Hook Head

Well, dang it. How time flies. I think 2 months is my biggest hiatus to date, and that's hot on the heels of swearing that I'd be better. Methinks the dark matter struck again, or rather, more simply, work's been a beast.

Anyhow, I've got a good few more posts to share from our trip to Ireland last Christmas, or else this backlog will suffocate me for good.


After passing through Kilkenny and arriving in Wexford, we have a few days to enjoy the Sunny Southeast before we head home. "Sunny Southeast" is a little bit of a misnomer unless you consider it in the relative sense: if it rains 350 days a year elsewhere, and it only rains 340 days a year here, it's "Sunny." In a land of blind men, the one-eyed man is king.

Actually, we're graced with pretty good weather. The pattern we've been recognizing is that day-and-a-half storms pass through about every 2 days, so temperate half days are very nearly predictable, and must be taken advantage of thoroughly. Our visit to Hook Head coincides (almost) with one of those spells, the only exception being that a storm is on its way, so we're treated to Rowdy Irish Coastline instead of Calm and Inviting Irish Coastline.

Rowdy's always more fun anyway.

Road to Hook

Cliffs and spray

Not so friendly

Seafoam like gooey marshmallow

We wander around in the wind for a while and then I turn my attention to Murphy, who usually makes a pretty good model.


And then I find a spot to combine the burly coast with her, and promptly geek out for a solid half hour, even getting unsuspecting passersby to hold my light for me.

Ka-blast ninja!

There's a chance this is one of my favorite photos in recent history. Satisfied, we return to the homestead for a cup of tea. And wait for the storm to roll in.


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