Monday, July 21, 2014

Ireland VIII: Dunbrodies

As I've hammered home exhaustively in this series of posts, rainy Irish winter weather begets pubtime. Also, catching up with old friends most conveniently happens at pubs. Thus, a trip to Ireland over the holidays results in many evenings spent in dimly-lit buildings, older than the US, taking turns buying rounds of pints. Horrible injustice, that.

Saddle up, cowboys

Your breeches had better fit

The night before New Years Eve, we caught up with a veritable gaggle of Ethel's friends at Dunbrody Country House, which features a regular-people pub next to a hoity-toity restaurant. We opted for the pub. Obviously.

Sneaky selfie

Old window

So cute

On the trip home, a break in the pissing rain revealed another Dunbrody, this time the Abbey. It's currently being renovated but is still a pretty cool spot. Fortunately, it was being backlit gloriously, making for a ghastly silhouette. Unfortunately, that epic backlight happened to be coming from the nearby power plant, a continual sore spot among locals.

Either way, we stopped, and I did what I could sans tripod (idiot) and between sheets of rain (lame) to do it some justice.

Not haunted, they promised

In the last few days of our trip, we had little more to do than take advantage of any breaks in the rain and catch up with as many friends and relatives as possible. In the meantime, however, there was Jameson's to sleep off.


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