Tuesday, March 29, 2016

MEL Layover

On a sunny day last year, Murphy and I find ourselves with just the wrong amount of time in the Melbourne airport...far too long to really feel like staying in an airport, but barely too short to escape and make an excursion into the city for a quick lunch. Changing from being a transiting passenger to a passenger entering Australia and then subsequently having to re-clear security has both time and cost implications, and Tullamarine isn't right by Melbourne's CBD, either.

This great indignity means that we do get to explore more of MEL than we would have otherwise, and it happens to be a pretty quiet day in the terminal, so we find ourselves enjoying an atypical luxury in an airport - isolation. Entire departure areas without a soul in sight are seemingly around every corner!

Of course, this means that I've got ample time to wander around with my camera, in between lunch breaks, coffee breaks, duty free breaks, etc.


Patiently waiting

Expanded metal


Pretty bird

When we finally get to board our flight, the day is nearly gone. It's my first time on a 787, and while it feels pretty much like any other plane, we're theoretically going to be less jet-lagged on the far side thanks to the lower cabin altitude. All that aside, I do manage to catch some great Australian sunset light on the engine and wing.

787 at sunset

Next stop DPS!


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