Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chateauroux by Night

I spent some time at night tickling my camera sensor, too.  Even this far south in France, this was no easy task, as the days were still extraordinarily long, latitude doing its hard work to keep the sun in the sky.  Being a team player, however, I employed virtuous use of wine to while away the long wait for dark.  So selfless, I know.  It's worth pointing out that we never paid more than 5 Euro for a bottle of wine, and they were all more than suitable for consumption.

Last stars and planets fade (also, Orion is rising) as dawn approaches

Milky Way shines bright as Chateauroux, St. Andre d'Embrun, and Embrun glow below

Star trails against the prominent cliff face above our house

This part of the Alps is graced with pretty clear skies, although there's a good amount of light pollution as the landscape is positively dotted with villages and towns.  Nonetheless, it's always fun to tilt our heads skywards!

Lots more to come.


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