Thursday, October 3, 2013

AZ Part 16: Hoodoos in Gray

As we trekked toward Alstrom Point in Grover, I forced Chris to grind to a halt when we rounded a corner and were afforded a view of some nearby and stunningly colored hoodoos and rockfalls.

Well, it turns out that they looked like they were nearby, but scale does funny things in the desert, and they ended up being about half a mile away. Dumbass.

The view that suckered me in

Close and far

Murphy ponders

Unreal landscape

Lone 'doo

Chris had been insisting that we didn't need to stop there and walk so far, as there were other places nearby that were just as cool. However, nothing else we saw tickled my fancy quite like these. The exquisitely textured gray earth mixing with the oranges and reds in the rocks was just speakin' my language.


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