Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Wakatipu, Slowly

OK, last post from current-land for a little while before I dig into the backlog...again.

Murphy and I took a quick excursion down to the water last week as the day waned, the light developed, and the wind kept us on our toes. It does that a lot, the wind.

Anyhow, Wakatipu is fascinating in most any weather or light, and this evening was no exception. I can see exploring this lakeshore with a camera turning into a pastime of sorts.

Lone sentinel


After playing around with a few compositions, I snapped to attention as the sun got perilously close to the horizon while the waves kept lashing the shore. A few frantic adjustments later:

Thank you, sun, water, and wind

I feel very fortunate to have this at my doorstep...


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