Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hawaii: The Art of Flight

As long as I was pulling a fast one on Murphy, I decided to up the ante a bit more. Next stop: paragliding! Ethel had done it a couple times before, but I never had, and it's for very good reason: nope, not terrified. Worried about getting sucked into a new obsession...

Having heard the virtues of flight extolled by various figures in my life, and recognizing paragliding as a fairly organic and low barrier to entry approach, I've spent years plugging my ears and covering my eyes and pretending like it didn't exist.

Goddamn it, flight is rad.

We rocked up to Proflyght, owned by Grant's friend Paul, did all the safety stuff, and then endured the most dangerous part of the day: the van ride several thousand feet up the decomposing switchback road.

Run towards the edge

My pilot was a friendly dude named Chris. I promised him I'd run like hell at launch (probably the second most dangerous part of the day). Liftoff was effortless and freeing, and we settled in to the glorious equilibrium that is stable flight.

Sled ride

Unfortunately, conditions were pretty calm, so our trip was bound to be short. Chris did, however, ask if I was comfortable with having a little fun, to which I responded that he was free to operate however he chose. The next 45 seconds are shared below.


Landing was easy and without any awkward piles of man-on-man action. We let the adrenaline wear off, said our thanks and goodbyes, and then went for what is quite possibly the best sushi I've ever had in Makawao.

Caution indeed

Pretty awesome morning; thanks guys!


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