Friday, January 28, 2011

Four-Legged Art (Non-Equine)

Paolo, my favorite steel craftsman, artist, and full-blooded Italian, created this little masterpiece with a friend of his. Hewn from Grenadio and stainless steel, it's a study in exquisite grain, subtle curvature, and precise lines.

They created this one-off to donate to the Mountain View Montessori School's annual benefit, and it will be auctioned off along with other art and local delicacies like a cruise on the inimitable Thunderbird Yacht.

Cozy and sturdy

Grain and fire

Smooth and sharp

At least one of my childhood best friends is a Montessori alum, and HE turned out pretty well, so I'd like to provide my official endorsement of this year's auction (linky!). It'll be held at the Atlantis on Feb. 12, and beyond the obvious benefit of supporting education, it can be your chance to own this truly spectacular piece of furniture. Piece of art. Piece of goodness. Whatever.


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