Thursday, January 6, 2011

Slash and Rip

There's been time lately for some extracurricular pursuit of happiness, thanks in no small part to a steady series of early-season storms.

Josh throws it sideways on his birthday (check out Josh and his talented photography -here-)

Hatchett drops off Incline Peak, Lake Tahoe behind

The day of the photo of Hatchett included a lap on Incline Peak and then a descent of Bear's Scratch, a rarely-filled line above Sand Harbor that is pretty steep and can be ridden all the way down to the highway at lake level. I had my dignity snatched from me while ascending the Scratch by my long-overdue-for-replacement climbing skins (I have to sheepishly admit that I wasn't able to top out the climb and had to drop in lower). New ones are en route, and I'm rather looking forward to ceasing performance of my new trick: the switch straightline down the skin track. 'Cause I'm getting pretty good at it and I'm not at all happy about it, although the other dudes get a good kick out of it.

It's been a good mix of resort and backcountry riding so far, and we've all got our fingers crossed for winter to continue like it has started.


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