Monday, January 31, 2011

Tables Tables Everywhere

I had the privilege of photographing another of Paolo's creations for the Montessori auction.

This one is a concrete top with a steel base.

The concrete was filled with polyurethane after curing, then ground, refilled, reground, polished, and sealed.

The polyurethane is the yellow contribution; all the other colored bits are the aggregate in the concrete, brought to life with the help of heavy abrasives.

The detail in this thing is amazing...



Unknown said...

your right ! whose work is it? Paulo?

Unknown said...

yes. after re- reading....... yes its paulo's work of course.
dope work as usual - tell him hello for me. and i still rock his shirt up here in seattle.

Eliot said...

will do, for sure. dope work is an understatement! those shirts are collector's items :)

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