Thursday, July 2, 2015

Iceland: Blue Lagoon Sidestep

One of the Icelandic tourists' rites of passage is a visit to the Blue Lagoon. Murphy and I tend to avoid "must-do attractions," largely because I'm becoming more and more anti-crowd as I careen towards old age.

ANYhow, on our way to the airport, we convince Joe that we'd rather see the place from a different perspective, and he's always down for a hike, so we're in easy agreement.

We park at the base of a nearby hill and immediately dive into a little forest, where we're instantly lost in our own little world.


Hearty growth

As we climb out of the forest, we're back in familiar Icelandic terrain of rock, moss, and ground-level vegetation.

More hearty growth

We climb steeply, and we're soon granted with views in every direction of our endless and desolate-yet-rich surroundings.

Secret lair

Desolate ribbon

Finally, we're at the top of the hill, and we gaze down upon the mighty Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon left, geothermal plant right

Yep, the Blue Lagoon is the wastewater holding pond for the geothermal plant next door, but I do admit that they've done an awfully good job of making it seem special and worth ~$35 or whatever.

We make a quick stop at the facility on our way from our hike to the airport and wander around the outside for a few minutes, and while it's cool, we're glad that we didn't make a day out of it.

It's with heavy heart that we set our sights for the airport and away from this stunning little country :(


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