Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Wye Creek

A whopping 15-minute drive from the house brings us to a trailhead at Wye Creek, which drains out of the Remarkables, Queenstown's oh-so-recognizable mountain range. I've got plans for a Big Day on foot that involves both the Remarks and Wye Creek, but that'll have to wait for a different season.

Some time ago, Murphy and I go exploring up Wye Creek. It's steep as shit, and for whatever reason, we don't go up above treeline. However, we do make it to a pretty sweet waterfall.


The steep track also features water coming from seemingly every direction, of course creating slippery death potential around every corner, but that's simply to be expected 'round these here parts. Watch your step, kids!

Spot the spring

The hike is sweet and I'm keen to go explore more (and also have the Big Day), but the most interesting story from the excursion comes from when we return to the car. Murphy spots an exhausted honeybee on the car, so exhausted that he can barely move, much less fly. We obviously feel horrible for the little fella, and we find a piece of candy in the car (an Air New Zealand lolly, to be exact), which we mix with water to make some liquid sugar.


We deliver some sweet salvation to the bee, and I also happen to have the macro lens with me, which is always convenient. Once he's feeling a little better, we transfer him down to the ground and continue the sugar feast.


Confident that he's appropriately revived, or at least enough to make it home, we call it good and head home for some sustenance ourselves. Safe travels, little fella!


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