Monday, September 30, 2013

AZ Part 14: Wahweap Dusk

Ahhhhhh, the desert. One of the only places on earth where supertelephoto lenses are perfectly acceptable pieces of kit for landscape work. Casa del Gatos overlooks Wahweap Bay on Lake Powell, so the only work required to make these photos was to step onto the back porch. I've seen worse views.

Lone Rock

Random cliff

A sliver of the Bay

Those first 3 were 400mm; these next 2 are 800mm.

Lone Rock again

And mostly the same sliver as above

So instead of teasing you endlessly with little slices of the grand landscape, this is 29 photos with the 400 stitched together; last light in the Bay.

Wahweap Bay from above (click for bigger)



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