Thursday, September 5, 2013

AZ Part 5: Death Pockets

In addition to showing us Lee's Ferry Overlook, our little RAZR excursion included a trip to Death Pockets. Funny name, I know, but think along the lines of birdbath-shaped indentations in the sandstone landscape that collect rainwater and snowmelt.  Some are deeper than others :)

Chris has posted extensively about the Pockets over the years, and we were keen to check them out. Unfortunately, it hadn't rained in ages, so the pockets were dry, only identifiable by their dusty bottoms. I managed to make it out of there without a single photo of the pockets themselves, but Chris and I went for a little wander in search of other bounty while Ethel, Lisa, and Lex hung out in the cave.

My crutches were somewhat compatible with the terrain, but I was a pretty slow customer nonetheless. After ducking around a couple corners, we found some nooks filled with interesting rock formations.

Most of these required comically unstable balancing acts on my part. A stepladder would have gone a long way in encouraging safer behavior...

Murphy balances while striking a pose

On our way out, a particular rock caught my attention. Once upon a time, Chris saw that white stripe, too, and followed it through the desert over several hundred yards as it wound its way from rock to rock.

Start of the endless stripe (click for larger)

Being out in the heat of the day took its toll, so we promptly retired for espresso and naps, never a bad way to lay low for a few hours!


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