Friday, September 13, 2013

Burning Man 2013

I was a busy little bee at Burning Man this year and came home with about fourteen hundred photos. As usual, I find it difficult to whittle them down to a presentable number. I'm under no delusion that I'm coming home with too many awesome photos, but rather that many of them show a little slice of awesomeness or have some little thread of an awesome story attached to them.

I find that we tell stories about Burning Man that are practically incomprehensible in the default world: "Hey, so last night was great. We danced in the pyramid and then at the place with the jellyfish, then saw Mir, caught some tunes at the disco duck art car, and found a fondue party in the deep playa." Makes perfect sense out there and raises an eyebrow or two among workmates.

Thus, showing any of those little subjects in this grandest of adult playgrounds seems to lend credence to those nonsensical stories. And that's why it's hard for me to whittle them down.

So as I went through in Lightroom and 1-starred and then 2-starred and then 3-starred photos, a clear pattern emerged. I can find interesting things to point a camera at during any hour of the day out there (it's hard not to), but the ones that resonate the most for me come from the Dark times (I like telling people that there are only 4 times of day out there: Light, Dark, Getting Light, and Getting Dark).

So without any more babble from my spout of incoherence, here's what caught my eye this year.

After 9 trips to the playa over the last 10 years, it's undeniable that Burning Man has been a positive influence in my life and something I've looked forward to ardently each summer. It's also a curious contrast for me, as we've made a habit of visiting the Black Rock Desert during other times of the year, and it's with both intrigue and trepidation that I enter the fray each August.

I definitely have a few more to share from this year's burn, but this will be it for now.

And yes, my camera gear is really dusty.


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AAAAaawesome! Thank you, Eliot! I was listening to a set from while looking at these :)

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