Friday, May 3, 2013

Lakeside Sunset

I think I'll alternate running geekdom and nature stuff.  Sound good?

The end of the day on the South Island has the distinct possibility of being frequently awesome.  Brett's house is about a five minute walk from the water, well within striking distance for an evening stroll.

Little planet, big lake

Curiously, Lake Wakatipu's waters rise and fall predictably; a few inches a couple times an hour.  Of course, science comes to the rescue with an explanation, which you can read here; the basic principle is the standing wave you can create by sliding back and forth in a bathtub.  However, far more enchanting is the explanation the Maori came up with about the lake's beating heart.  Either way, the lake is alive!


Queenstown attracts outdoorspeople from every corner of the globe; it's billed as the adventure sports capital of the world.  At times, the reputation of being Extreme gets to be a little much, but by and far, it's filled with awesome people, both transient and permanent.  This Brazilian dude was practicing his kiting as the light faded:


And just because it doesn't fit anywhere else, a bonus flower from Jardine Park:


Up next, more running destruction!


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