Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Queenstown Hill

This trip to paradise is not all fun and games; its true purpose is some serious life planning and networking. However, I had wandered in while nearly the entire country was in the midst of a lengthy holiday, so the few days that I have to recreate before I get down to business have to be lived to the fullest.

I spend one evening hiking up Queenstown Hill. It wasn't a place I visited frequently last time 'round, but when I did, I was generally treated to some pretty special sights. And I suppose I should come clean; there was a particular photo in a particular spot that I've always been a -little- unhappy with, and I was hoping to get lucky with the light on this evening. I'll kill the suspense now; I found the spot again but the light wasn't meant to be. However, there is still plenty to point a camera at while enjoying a mellow walk in the woods.

Cairn guarding its brethren

Metamorphic rock


Not starving


Relic from a movie set against the Remarkables

Whump whump


Same cairn, different light

Probably damaged my eyes for this one; direct defocused sun at 300mm...

Earnslaw chugs home

Making the turn

With another evening well spent doing stuff, sleep comes easily, especially knowing that the view out the bedroom window in the morning will be the first splashes of sunlight on the Remarkables. Curiously, as this trip coincides very nearly with the summer solstice there, it will be nearly a week and a half before I successfully see darkness, not being a night owl and all. It makes me feel like some sort of anti-vampire.

Next...more running.  Yay!


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Ali Denney said...

Wow. Beautiful. Just started following. You are a talented writer, photographer, runner...come to think of it, what can't you do?! Enjoy your journey.

Past Detritus