Tuesday, May 28, 2013


As previously noted, Christchurch is in a transitional state.  Now that we're done with the understatement, we can get on with things.

Victoria Streetscape Project

There are entire city blocks that are essentially desolate, and it's super sad to see that.  Never far away, though, are signs of life.  In many instances, somebody had to go first, and whatever bar/food shack/coffee shop/clothing store happened to take that distinction has become the epicenter (bad pun) of activity in that particular neighborhood.

Frozen at quake time

One such instance is Revival Bar, constructed from shipping containers plunked down in what used to be an abandoned neighborhood.  Within months, other businesses had sprung up around them, and now it's a bustling little zone of goodness.

Brett raises a glass

Awesomely, Revival is owned by my mate Brett, whose wedding just so happens to coincide with my trip.  He's one of many who are determined to start on the ground floor of bringing Chch back to life, so getting to see his creation in the flesh is pretty cool.

Shipping containers put to good use

Another sweet example is C4 Coffee, who relocated after the quake and keep busy slinging coffee that they roast on-site and ship all over the country.  They've made spectacular use out of a space that was at risk of becoming decrepit like so many others.

Roasting and serving happiness

Anyhow, there's not time to detail all the signs of rebirth in Christchurch, but it's happening, and they've committed to making the most of this...opportunity...to reinvent themselves.


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