Tuesday, August 27, 2013

AZ Part 4: Lee's Ferry Overlook

The desert is a big place.

Lee's Ferry and beyond (click for a bit bigger)

Rule Numero Uno for me in the desert, especially an unfamiliar desert, is to not get stung by any poisonous critters. Thus, I tend to be pretty careful about where I put my extremities. So when Chris and Lisa took us to Lee's Ferry overlook via RAZR and I found this post-bloom-yet-miraculously-not-dead agave, I made damn sure to inspect the ground around it before I got...more familiar...

Chris made a behind the scenes photo for this one:

Standing tall

And a little closer:

Agave detail

Micro landscape

From the Overlook, we headed to Death Pockets, which were super awesome even if they weren't filled with water because it hadn't rained in ages. Whew.

That'll have to wait, though, as Burning Man looms...


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