Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Carmel: Anchovy Buffet

On one evening over Thanksgiving weekend, we were posted up at a house overlooking Carmel Bay when it came to our attention that a Whole Bunch of porpoises had been seen just offshore that afternoon.  Apparently, a huge school of anchovies had moved into the area, and the easy snacking opportunity had attracted all manner of willing, well, snackers.

We had missed the show from the shoreline perspective, but way up high, we could see disturbed water from the feeding frenzy still ongoing. We could even see the porpoises gallivanting about, much like I do when I'm presented with a free All You Can Eat buffet.


It took every mm of focal length I could muster, lucky pre-focusing, and quite a bit of patience, but I finally caught a single solitary porpoise jumping. Being a mile closer would have been better, but I still like the photo a lot.

This school of anchovies persisted for a few weeks, more than normal, and the resultant collection of other ocean life, most of them feeding, attracted yet another feeding frenzy of marine scientists. Ironic, yeah?

Watching the show

And as a bonus, here's another so-easy-it's-like-taking-candy-from-a-baby pano of the last light over Point Lobos, 14 photos stitched at 600mm, made with a VERY steady hand...

Point Lobos sunset (click for bigger)


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