Monday, January 6, 2014

Tahoe Trail 100

We spent a morning this summer up at Northstar to spectate and cheer on our friend Nate as he thrashed away on his mountain bike for 100km (62 miles) at the Tahoe Trail, part of Leadville's nationwide race series and a qualifier for the vaunted Leadville 100.

Nate on the hunt on the first of two laps

Halfway done

Nate was racing sick, so his high expectations for the race weren't quite met. He had done super well the year before, finishing a solid 10th overall.

BAD ASS; you're looking at a singlespeed for a 100km mountain bike race

And done

That's for real

He was a total mess afterwards, and Ethel and I were there to document the agony.


Like a rabid hyena

Glad we could be there to watch the mayhem!


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