Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Carmel: Lonely Beach

My aunt and uncle live a rousing 6-minute walk away from Carmel River Beach, and it's a pretty quiet spot. In stark contrast is Carmel Beach, about a mile away, and one of the only beaches in the state to allow dogs. Thus, it is mobbed from dawn 'til dusk with hordes of dog-toting revelers, leaving Carmel River Beach desolate by comparison.

It's an easy sell to spend an evening hour wandering the beach. There's all sorts of interesting tidepools, rock formations, biomass, rivulets, etc etc to keep one interested until it gets dark.

Looking out to Point Lobos

Hypnotic swell

Nature usually doesn't make sevens...


Hot barnacle action

Endless kelp supply

There's so much...stuff...in the ocean, and so much...stuff...that comes out of the ocean, I have to admit that I find it a little daunting. I'm used to nice clean lakes that stay put, and the ocean is neither of those.

Still grand for a walk, though!


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