Thursday, August 22, 2013

AZ Part 2: Vermilion Moonrise

Our next stop was alongside the Vermilion Cliffs for a picnic dinner. No condors visible.

We knew it was almost moonrise time, but thought we wouldn't have a view due to alignment and atmospheric conditions. Ha ha ha ha ha.

When this poked over the distant cliffs and caught us completely off guard, I choked on half a mouthful of food, mumbled "oh holy shit," hopped back over to the car (I was technically still on crutches), and started slamming camera equipment together. Managed to get everything mounted, focused, and exposed before she cleared the horizon, along with a couple deep breaths to steady my hands.

Chris was kind enough to honor me with a guest post featuring a photo from twenty-four seconds later, but I cleverly withheld this one for my own purposes.


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