Monday, August 5, 2013

Go Sox

Time to roll through a couple more posts from our trip to Boston in April. Poor Murphy had never been to a big-league ballgame, so a trip to Fenway was most certainly in order (and it had been 11 years since I'd been to a game).

Money please (Murphy's photo)

This game was optimally scheduled for anyone running the marathon who might want to also catch a game, so there was an abnormally high count of scrawny people in the park this day, most of them casting furtive glances laden with jealousy towards anyone eating delicious junk food. Yes, oxymoron alert.

Grand park, this one

One of the coolest things about Fenway, in my opinion, is that it's a relatively small park. There aren't really any horrific seats, and it feels cozy, which is a far different experience than some of the mega-stadiums.

So awesome that this is still done manually

Many colors in play here

Out where the dandelions grow

We got lucky with our seats, though. On any sort of cold or windy day, we would have gotten annihilated without any shelter. Fortunately, it was a nice (for Boston in April) day, so we made out just fine.

Attention wanes after a tense moment

Our little crew

And to top it off, the Sox pulled through with a win after a few tense innings, so everyone went home happy.


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