Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fast Kat

So here's another photo created using the Brenizer Method. This time it involves a very still pro triathlete, a quiet side street, and a couple of big strobes blasting at full tilt.

The very still pro triathlete is Kat Baker, who stayed with us for a short while a couple months back. Even though she's an Aussie, she's got good manners and is quite fun to be around :)

Kat and weapon in a rare moment of rest (click for a bit bigger)

Did much better with this technique this time 'round (albeit still not perfect). ~70 images made with the 200 at f/2 and stitched together, and the math says that the resulting image is the equivalent of 60mm and f/0.6. Such a lens is nowhere near existing, and that's the point of going to these lengths for a photo like this.

Go fast Kat!


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