Monday, August 26, 2013

AZ Part 3: Bands by Night

Our last stop on our way home from the airport (one hell of a shuttle run...) was a quick park 'n huck near the north end of House Rock Valley Road. Chris had repeatedly admonished me to just tell him to STOP if I saw something, and this one seemed like it was worth it.

We were pretty much asleep, especially after getting onto the billiard-table smooth highway after 25 miles of rough and tumble dirt road, so telling him to stop came only after prying an eye open and seeing something vaguely interesting out of the left side of the car.

The full moon was now a little over 2 hours high in the sky, and the clear skies pretty much made it bright as day.

And we hadn't even gotten started...when we reached Casa del Gatos, we fell into bed exhausted and super anxious for the days to come.


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