Thursday, August 8, 2013


After the fateful marathon, we decided to blast down east for a few days. Another part of the country Murphy had yet to see, Maine is super awesome, ESPECIALLY before tourist season hits. Mid-April is practically still winter there, much less tourist season, so off we went!

We spent a relaxing night in Portland, and the only shitty thing about it was chasing Ethel around on crutches. We ate some pretty good sushi at Sapporo and had a hotel room that was sweet and a third the price it would have been mid-season.

Dusky Stonington

After Portland, we wandered considerably further along the coast to Stonington, where we scored deeply again on a room. Again, about the only lame thing was getting used to gimping around, especially as my upper-body strength during marathon training started at Deficient and only went downhill from there. Thus, my recreational options largely consisted of sitting on the deck across from our hotel, taking photos of the harbor, and drinking wine. Rough life.


Tide recedes

Stonington goes to bed pretty early; as an actual lobster-fishing town, the work day starts at Oh-Dark-Noisy, which is great for them but sure makes it hard to get any sleep.

Ready for action

Our rough plan for this excursion along the coast was to do some gentle hiking to get off the beaten path, but my gimpiness limited me to somewhere around half a mile at best, so that plan pretty much went out the window. Also unfortunately, most of Acadia National Park was closed prior to its normal season, but we did get to see some great coastline nonetheless. We made a quick visit to my mom's place, too, close as the crow flies but multiple hours of driving away.

Sea Bug extraordinaire

The next day, on our way back through Portland, we stopped and had lobster for lunch; definitely a delicacy, but I prefer crab :)

Blustery shore

Early warning; Ram Island Lighthouse

Our timing to return to Boston was marginal at best; the city was gripped in the throes of the manhunt from the bombing a few days prior. We holed up for dinner at Sara's parents' house in Lunenburg where it was considerably calmer...

Save for a few hilarious photos I think I'll share that the race photographers got of me in damage control mode, this wraps up the Boston trip; we've still got a long ways to go to catch up.


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